Our Services

Saap Auto Service is your trusted provider of professional vehicle servicing and repairs in Forest Lodge and Sydney. Our experienced team offers a wide range of automotive solutions, including logbook servicing, mechanical and electrical repairs, and maintenance for steering, suspension, and more. Whether you're in Forest Lodge or anywhere in Sydney, rely on Saap Auto Service for top-quality automotive services.

Saap Auto Service offers an extensive range of vehicle servicing and repairs which include:

  • Logbook servicing (without voiding manufacturer’s warranty) on all light vehicles and small commercials
  • E-safety check (light vehicle AIS)
  • Mechanical repairs and diagnostics
  • Electrical repairs and diagnostics
  • Steering, brakes and suspension including pneumatic suspension
  • Transmission & final drive
  • Tyres and wheel alignment, specialist wheel alignment
  • Air conditioning repairs and maintenance
  • Carburettors and fuel injection
  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs on vintage & classic vehicles